Pad Mania

Pad Workout Mania: Practice Like A Pro!
Let's face it, we all lack the motivation to solely work on our rudiments. This is why I created Pad Mania! A high-intensity online class solely dedicated to mastering rudiments. This class is designed to push your drumming limits and encourage focused rudiment practice.

Class Highlights:
- **Intense Rudiment Focus:** Prepare for an immersive rudiment workout with minimal breaks, pushing your skills to new heights.

Please Note: This class is not a traditional teaching class; it's a dedicated pad workout session.

What You Need:
- **Drumsticks:** Essential for practicing your rudiments effectively.
- **Practice Pad:** Get ready to make your pad your training ground for precision and technique.
- **Good Internet Connection:** Ensure a seamless experience during the 30-minute session.

Class Details:
- **Duration:** 30 minutes of high-energy drumming.
- **Cost:** $7 to join.

Get ready to sweat, challenge yourself, and elevate your rudiment skills like never before. Join Pad Mania, it will leave you feeling accomplished and more skilled than ever. It's time to practice like a pro!