Studio Lessons

Welcome to the ultimate drumming experience! I have partnered with Rehearse Live. Our studio drum lessons offer a cutting-edge environment where you can take your drumming skills to the next level. 

What's included?

Acoustic Drum Sets: We provide two premium acoustic drum sets, ensuring an optimal and immersive lesson experience.

Headsets and Microphones: Say goodbye to shouting over drums to get your instructor's attention. You'll have headsets and microphones at your disposal, ensuring crystal-clear communication with your instructor.

TV for Visual Learning: A TV is strategically placed in the room, allowing you to refer to drumming examples and broaden your understanding visually. Visual aids can be a game-changer in your learning process.

**Flexible Lesson Options:**

Choose the lesson duration that suits your schedule and learning pace:

- 30-Minute Lessons: Ideal for quick practice sessions and busy schedules.
- 60-Minute Lessons: Our standard lesson duration for comprehensive learning.
- 90-Minute Lessons: For those who want an extended and in-depth drumming experience.



Studio / Online Lessons

Single Purchase Lesson

Monthly (4x) Lessons

30 Min - Drum Lesson

$ 47

$ 175

60 Min - Drum Lesson

$ 90

$ 340


* You save when purchasing monthly lessons.

 Lesson Recording:

For teaching purposes and your own progress tracking, your studio lesson may be recorded. This allows you to review your performance and monitor your improvement over time.

 Convenient Location:

Our studio lessons are held at Rehearse Live, a premier music facility designed to provide the best environment for musicians. You'll be immersed in a creative and inspiring space dedicated to the art of drumming.

 Online Homework and Resources:

All homework and supplementary materials are conveniently posted through Google Classroom. This digital platform ensures that you have easy access to practice materials and resources at your fingertips.

 Weekly Studio Sessions:

Students who opt for studio lessons benefit from a weekly schedule. This regularity ensures consistent progress and allows for ongoing feedback and refinement of your drumming skills.

**Join the Studio Drumming Experience:**

If you're looking for an immersive, technology-enhanced, and highly interactive drumming experience, our studio lessons are the perfect choice. Join our community of passionate drummers and take your skills to the next level in an inspiring and supportive environment. Unlock your rhythmic potential with us today!